iPod Repair Services

Screen/Glass/Digitizer Repair

Our technicians will replace your broken touch screen/glass digitizer and will replace it with an original part so your iPod Touch will look and work like new again.

iPod Touch generation 1,2,3 Digitizer Glass Repair $49.99
iPod Touch generation 4 Digitizer Glass Repair $59.99
iPod Touch generation 5 Digitizer Glass Repair Call for pricing 416-487-5501

LCD repair all models/no picture/white screen

Our trained technicians will replace your broken LCD with a brand new original LCD. Your iPod LCD will work like the first day you used it.

iPod LCD replacements original, video, nano, mini, touch generation 1,2,3 $39.99 - $59.99
iPod Touch generation 4 LCD replacement $59.99
iPod Touch generation 5 LCD replacement Call for pricing 416-487-5501

Earphone jack repair/no sound or partial sound

Our trained Technition will replace your earphone jack or speaker with an original part you will hear crisp sound from both earphones and speakers once again.

Earphone jack or speakers (depending on model) $39.99 - $44.99

Water damage repair

Water Damage can be very tricky, when you bring your water damaged IPod in we will clean all the contacts remove all corrosion and assess to see what components are not operational. Very often a battery can be damaged from water and needs to be changed. Our price ranges for this because it is possible for motherboards as well as other components to be damaged from water, sometimes the repair cost can be fair, yet sometimges it may not be worth repairing. At the repair store if it is repairable at a fair price we will fix it with your permission. If it is too costly we will let you know.

Water damage repair $29.99 and up

Battery replacement

Our trained technition will replace your batter with a new orginal batter. Your IPod will have full charging capabilities once again.

Battery Replacement (all models of iPod) Call for pricing 416-487-5501

Frozen on Apple logo

Our trusted technitions will debug your IPod and return its software to a full working status. Where all menus come up and download music properly.

Apple logo freeze $39.99 - $49.99

No Power

Similar to a water damaged IPod our Trained Technition will trouble shoot all the components on the IPOD to find and replace the broken part. We will work with the customer to repair their IPod at a cost effective price to the customer.

No Power repair $19.99 and up

For other services please call: (416) 487-5501